Pedro Ponce

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

Pedro Ponce is the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer for the Disability Rights Fund and the Disability Rights Advocacy Fund. He is a part of the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Team.

Pedro has over 13 years of experience in project design, monitoring, public policy evaluation, and capacity building on qualitative research and evaluation methodologies. Prior to this position, he was the Programme Representative for Central America at CBM International where he led efforts to promote intersectionality in programming, through implementing projects focused on disability and human mobility, as well as climate change and indigeneity. He facilitated participatory programming by working directly with DPO’s in Central America to build partnerships and implement large-scale projects. Before working at CBM International, he held various research and evaluation-oriented positions in Ecuador’s top social development public institutions where he advocated for the inclusion of ethnographic approaches and participatory research and evaluation methods in public policy evaluation. Earlier in his career he worked for J-PAL Europe in France assisting on the evaluation of pilot programs for youth empowerment and access to labor.

Pedro has a Master’s in Comparative Politics and a Bachelor degree in Latin American Studies from the Paris Institute of Political Studies.