Jorge Manhique

Senior Program Officer

Jorge is the Senior Program Officer for Disability Rights Fund and Disability Rights Advocacy Fund. As Senior PO, he is responsible for our strategic partnerships and for pursuing other emergent opportunities for innovative grantmaking beyond the rounds (e.g., non-target country, regional and global). He works closely with key teams to identify and prioritize opportunities, ensuring that DRF/DRAF grantmaking outside of the usual rounds is well-aligned, executed and evaluated.

Jorge has over a decade of experience working on disability rights issues in developing countries, especially in Africa. He worked for DRF/DRAF before as program officer for Africa, overseeing grantmaking in Malawi, Rwanda and Uganda. He acted as an advisor representing DRF/DRAF in the Making it Work Initiative implemented by Humanity and Inclusion, where over two years, he conducted documentation of several projects implementing innovative solutions to tackle gender-based violence against women and girls with disabilities across Africa. Jorge worked for the Forum of Mozambican Organizations of Disabled People (FAMOD), coordinating work aimed to advance the implementation of the CRPD in Mozambique. He has published journal articles and book chapters and has served as a consultant for various NGOs and OPDs on issues ranging from law reform, advocacy, community mobilization, program performance evaluation and project design and fundraising.

Jorge has an LLM in International and Comparative Disability Law and Policy from the Centre of Disability Law and Policy at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He is currently pursuing PhD in Social Policy at Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Politicas (ISCSP), University of Lisbon. His research focuses on inclusion and participation of persons with disabilities in international cooperation development programs. Jorge is fluent in Portuguese (native speaker), English and has a fair communication and understanding of French.